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Fishing in the Moosehead

Lake Area of Maine

The Moosehead Lake Region is a fisherman’s paradise with over 74,890 acres of cool, clear water in one lake plus several famous rivers and many lakes, ponds, streams and brooks in the immediate area. These waters are abundant with landlocked salmon, brook trout and togue (lake trout).

The summer season opens May 1 and closes September 30. Ask an old Maine Guide when the best time to fish is and he’ll probably tell you “trolling is usually best May, June, September; stream fishing July, Aug; fly fishing ponds May, June, and fly fishing rivers May, June, Sept”. So whether your specialty is fly fishing, trolling, or spinning, you will find memorable fishing throughout the season.

The Moose River empties into Moosehead Lake directly in front of our cottages which means that one of the best fishing sports on the lake is just off our docks, especially in the spring when the smelt spawn. And remember, you can troll up Moose River on windy days or venture a little further up river to cast for salmon or trout in waters claimed to be some of the best in the East by veteran fly fishermen. If smallmouth bass angling has great appeal, you’ll find some world class spots very accessible to those willing to step off the beaten path.




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